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by SunStare

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Darknight I am totally blown away by this record from SunStare. The heaviness of the post metal stood out and the quiet ambient parts are very cool. This album is a great example of French metal, fantastic advert for all underground metal. Favorite track: Awîlum (L'homme Libre).
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Ziusudra 02:52
They were born as slaves But provoked the anger of their master Leading humans to their graves and the world to disaster. The humankind's chaos Won't cause any pathos, But a hatred so deep. Their perverted rites Fill my nights and empty my sleep. Trees will fall Forests will burn Everything that crawls will die under the sun. Water will vanish Dust will reign Life will be banished, Until nothing remains. I will judge the profane. I will chasten the disdain Under an acid rain, Purifying through pain. The humankind has played its odds, In the thread of contempt. Ignoring admonitions of the gods, Leading a life unkempt. No matter how much they cry, No matter how much some tries, Soon they all will die. When the epidemics will have stopped. When the waters will have returned Humankind will have been sacrificed For a peace finally earned. Engaged in its own pedantry, Unable to see its vanity The Gods have spoken Humankind shall be broken.
And so were Enlil’s words : Enki’s creatures shall disappear The punishment of the Gods, In their wrath, will be severe. Betrayed by their own kind : The Gods have been depraved. The Living shall be enshrine, For we must save what can be saved. As the divine wrath grows The mighty has been braved Enki has break his oath, For we must save what can be saved. Here stands the Very Wise The one who wouldn't waive, His heart can stand no lies, For he must save what can be saved. From high in the skies, Throught the reeds, waved, And for the Wise, they advise For he will save what can be saved. When everyone is ignorant, you will know. When all will die, you will live. When the Eternal cannot see Your dreams become weapons To defeat the prophecy. Pledge to the sun.
The eyes wide open, the Wise awakes. The dreams have spoken, He'll do what it takes To give up his life, Everything he built, To fight the strife And let it to wilt. The ark shall be strong, And it shall be covered, It shall be immeasurably long, To board the lifes, threatened. Life-Saver, its denomination, sealed on its whole breadth, To cross the Oceans, And their scariest depths. Seven days to prepare Against the mighty spell. Seven days of his own personnal hell. (The) work is exhausting, (The) body reach new limits "Conquer" the suffering Which the fear inhibits. Men have united Against the gruesome fate, But they are benighted Of the loose floodgate The Ark is gigantic, (The) feast just as much, (But) the Wise is frantic, Tragic, as such. He walks away, He seals the ship, Left his friends, betrayed, Now bodies afloat He walks away, He seals the ship, Left his friends, betrayed, Now bodies afloat Enki mourns His wonders As it starts To pour down. The skies To tear apart And the world to drown
And the Flood appeared. The Anathema passed over men as a war Torn off, the heavenly valves. Overflowing, the dams from above. Stretched out, the sky in its dead silence. Reduced to darkness, all that had been luminous. The Anunnaki gods set the world ablaze. The waves even covered the tops of the mountains.
Lost on the endless mount Nisir, Cradle of hope and warfare. The desert is fullfiled with fear. A mournful sky lined with despair. Of those, who lost everything, Of those, who no longer have laws, I am withdrawing I am the one who was. Once, grain among the sand, Now, alone in the wasteland, Of those, who lost everything, Of those, who no longer have laws, I am withdrawing I am the one who was The last one left alive. Once, grain among the sand, A drop within its ocean. Now, alone in the wasteland, Peeling my former devotion. I'm wandering, I'm ecstatic, My visions are crawling. As lost as I am, as erratic, Death whispers my name, she's calling. The sacrifice I've consent to, Is not worth the price I went through.
Maybe hundred of years have past, As time goes, I don't even know anymore ... Has time made me wiser, at last ? There's no end, there's no solution, to what I answer for. I thought that the pain would lessen, That slowly, it would go away. It didn't. No final chapter to this lesson. In my eternal quest, there's no hope to find a way. Damned : The gift was a curse. My greatest strength, admired at the highest, Is the reason of my fall, O fate, O perverse. It takes a long time to burn the brightest. Doomed : The gift was a curse. Without ever drifting, the fate Brings a life uncertain : To bear the weight And even more, the burden. Obsessed with the doubt, And the knowledge of ignorance, From down below, I shout, To this endless last dance. I thought that the pain would vanish, But slowly, it became a path to be free. Awîlum.


SunStare is :
Tom - Bass
Peb - Vocals
Vince - Guitar
Antoine - Drums
Guillaume - Sound Design

This album was recorded and mixed at Sound Up Studio by Guillaume Delachat.
Mastered by Thibault Chaumont at Deviant Lab.
Music and lyrics by Sunstare.
Produced by Guillaume Delachat, Tom and SunStare
Cover by Élodie Wysocki (elodiewysocki.fr)


released May 13, 2022


Guillaume «Chaton» Delachat for the amazing work he did (like he always do), Thibault Chaumont from the Deviant Lab (deviantlab.com), Tom from the Sound Up Studio, Élodie Wysocki (elodiewysocki.fr), Emmanuel Poteau (e-po.fr), Alexandre Dinaut (alexdinaut.com), Jessica, Amélie, Sam, Marie, Alain et Le Carré des Halles, Le Cable Noir, our muses, the bands we had the chance to play with and everyone who went to our shows, believed in us and supported us in any way.

©2022 All rights reserved for Sunstare and Source Atone Records.



all rights reserved



SunStare Lille, France

Heavy & Loud Sludge/Doom/Post-HxC from Lille (FRANCE)

Booking : sunstareband@gmail.com


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